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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Counting Days - For E-Day

Assalamulaikum and salam sejahtera.. wow dah hampir 9 bulan tak update blog. Sepatutnya, at least satu post sebulan, tapi huhu... tak de masa. But, now even saya agak2 sibuk (ayat poyo) I think i should update about the preparation for Engagement. Who's engagement day?? hehe... not ME, my LITTLE sister, Nurul. 
Sebenarnya, tak confirm date lagi but we are planning for the majlis around June 2013. insyaAllah. and she unofficially melantik me as her HELPER (event planner). Ha..ha..Masa abg nyer wedding dulu ade gak campur tgn skit tapi full involvement mmg xde experience dowh.
So first, I do the easiest way  to get help and guide from...the INTERNET. Yup.. everything is on the tip of your hands. Mmg byk sgt info on event planner. OK. That was a relief.
We decide to do as much as DIY so we can save cost $$. Because whats important is the Akad Nikah & Wedding which come later. Hurm.. after some discussion with my sis, we come up with a list of thing we think that we can DIY. 
Engagement Day
1. Bunga Telur
2. Mini Pelamin
3. Door Gift (yassin, etc)
4. Veil, Hand Bouquet
5. Decorating and painting home
6. Hantaran Both sides

From today onward I will update progress dalam menyiapkan semua yg tersenarai diatas. Even though, just an E-day still banyak jugak benda yg nak dibuat..Good luck to me!!.

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